• Crystal Light Therapy

    with Wendy Welton

  • What is Reiki?

    Reiki translated means Universal Life Force Energy

    “A healer is not someone that you go to for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself.” ~unknown

    We all carry this energy within us; it is the force that animates all of life. Sometimes though, if our lives get out of balance our flow becomes blocked, resulting in a lack of clarity and creativity. As we begin to suffer in our emotions, our negative thoughts become a pattern, and our entire health and vitality face challenges.


    A Reiki Master is someone who has been trained and initiated into a lineage of healers who committedly carry, receive, and channel an amplification of Reiki through their bodies. In turn, they assist others to restore personal balance so that self-healing occurs and thriving returns.


    Reiki is right for you if you are someone seeking more peace, balance, clarity and authenticity in your life.

  • About Wendy

    Reiki Master Practitioner

    “My purpose is to create more love in the world and guide people to simply Let It Go and move from mind to heart.” - Wendy

    Wendy’s commitment to authentic living and loving is richly woven into the fabric of who she is and what she shares. Her service in the world is to guide her clients in a way that they may know and love themselves by finding balance within. She offers Reiki from a place of compassionately knowing just how challenging it can be to awaken into a joyful balanced way of living.


    Wendy’s own journey has informed her well. She discovered herself through the transformative practices of Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, the power of prayer, and Reiki. Wendy trained in all three levels of the Usui Reiki Lineage. This qualifies her to teach Reiki, Attune others, and to offer amazing Reiki healing sessions to her clients.


    Wendy nourishes herself by turning to nature during silent walks among the trees, and by gliding along the still surface of a mountain lake in her kayak. She lives in Vancouver, Washington with her sweet dog Casey and enjoys quality time with her loving family of three children and five grandchildren.

  • Work With Wendy

    As a Reiki Master, Wendy offers sessions to assist you through your healing journey. She creates an easeful trusting rapport with her clients and will guide you to know whether a single session, monthly-tune ups, or a series of consecutive sessions will best support your needs.

    Crystal Light Chakra Therapy

    Experience the healing power of Vogel crystals in a private healing session.

    Wendy is now offering the amazingly powerful Crystal Light Therapy session. While lying on a massage table under the Crystal Lights system, you’ll experience the soothing chakra healing properties of authentic Vogel crystals. These crystal lights are used with love and intention for the creation of both scientific and sound spiritual healing experiences.


    When the Chakra system is balanced, and energy is unblocked and moving freely throughout the body, you'll feel energized, elevated, and whole. Having open, activated and balanced energy centers within the body will greatly amplify all the amazing benefits a healing session can provide. The flow of the universal energy will be completely unhindered as it intelligently moves throughout the body, doing its healing work.


    Vogel Crystal Session:

    45 minutes $75

    3 sessions for $200

    Vogel Crystal sessions with Reiki :

    45 minutes $95

    3 sessions for $250


    To Book a Session Contact Wendy HERE for an appointment!







    Reiki Energy

    Experience the calming and re-balancing energies of Reiki

    During each session you will be fully clothed and reclined on a comfortable heated treatment table. Wendy will gently place her hands along the energy lay-lines of your body and Reiki energy will move through her hands to dissolve anything that may be blocking your natural flow. By simply resetting your central nervous system with Reiki, healing becomes possible. There is something profound that happens when we have someone hold time and space in this way, as it allows you to enter that restorative place within that we all long to get to.


    Sessions are held at my studio in Vancouver, WA.


    To Book a Session Contact Wendy HERE for an appointment!

  • Testimonials

    "I believe very strongly in the healing benefits a session with her will provide." - Cassia Noel

    Cassia Noel

    "I have had many sessions with Wendy, and each of them left me feeling so much better physically, emotionally, and spiritually. One of the first ones was a distance healing I received from her while I was in a hospital from having a stroke. I could immediately feel the energy moving through my body when it started, while I was lying in a hospital bed in Texas. I have made a full recovery from that event, and I believe that is due to my sessions with Wendy. I am excited for the opportunity to recommend her to anybody who is interested in Reiki, and even to those who have never heard of this before."

    Jenni B.

    "When I had my first crystal light and reiki treatment with Wendy I was unsure of what to expect, and maybe even a little skeptical. I suffer from anxiety and severe depression and Wendy wouldn’t stop nudging me to try it. After the session, I was honestly very surprised at how calm I felt. I went from tearful anxiety to feeling peaceful! I was even more skeptical when she mentioned long distance Reiki. But it works. I LOVE it!!

    Kym Calder

    "Reiki is an amazing experience. I can truly relax and feel at peace. During my time with Wendy I feel calm and serene ….. the pain slips away and I feel a sense of serenity. Wendy has a special gift of putting you at ease…The time flies by and I am very excited to come back."

    Gladys Lopez

    "I had my first Reiki session ever with Wendy. I felt like I was floating in white light. I felt so much peace, I had a good Vibe too. My mood was lighter, and I wasn’t so stressed out."




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